The Eliminator has been designed to reinstate laterals in 6″ inch pipe work with attachments available to use in pipes up to 24″ in diameter. Power is provided by a 3 horsepower electric motor powered by a 6.5 watt generator and cutting is accomplished by a special diamond cutting head.

The Eliminator is manufactured in Austria by Cosmic Sondermaschinenbau Gmbh who have been active in the sewer rehabilitation industry for more than 20 years. Although new to the UK, the Eliminator has been sold in Europe for nearly a year and the innovation team at Clearway believe this product will have a significant impact on the UK rehabilitation industry.

The Cosmic Top Hat Eliminator is the only product currently available in the UK that combines lateral cutting capabilities with a video inspection camera. It also differs from other lateral cutters by being powered by electricity, rather than air. The designed capabilities of the Eliminator offers several advantages over types of cutting equipment most often used to reinstate laterals. Those advantages include:

  • The Eliminator is self-propelled so it does not have to be winched through the pipe, eliminating the need for a winch and second manhole for access
  • The equipment can be operated by one person, rather than two
  • The Eliminator cuts faster than conventional equipment, reducing cutting time and permitting more cuts per work day
  • No air compressor and air supply hose are needed, eliminating cost of fuel for a compressor

Please click any of the following links to view our current works undertaken using the Cosmic system by Clearway.

UV Patch Install Video
Intruding lateral removal & Top Hat patching Video

Many perceive reinstating laterals as the weakest part of the relining process. The Eliminator addresses this issue by providing more efficient, faster cutting times with reduced labour requirements, these benefits in turn contribute to cost savings direct to our Clients.