Culvert Cleaning

Culverts are used to direct water in a controlled manner to promote effective drainage, allowing free flowing water to run under roads, railways and structures. Regular effective maintenance ensures roads; embankments and pathways are maintained efficiently in order to prevent erosion. The removal of sludge and debris will ensure they are working, both ecologically and safely. Utilising our vast fleet of plant of differing High Pressure Water Jetting capabilities Clearway are able to tackle the most complex drainage systems to ensure water is able to flow unobstructed. Working with many Local Authorities and Main Contractors throughout the UK we have been providing culvert and drain clearance services for several years to their exacting standards. We are able to provide a free, no obligation quotation for any culvert cleaning works as required.

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Gully Cleansing

All ground level drainage systems and gullies require regular maintenance to ensure they retain effectiveness. Drains can become blocked with silt and debris, impeding the free flow of water throughout any surface water drainage system, allowing standing water to pond on roads and walkways causing major hazards. Clearway are fully equipped to vacuum out waste from both domestic and commercial gullies and confirm structural integrity has not been impaired, restoring them to full flow. As specialists in the gully cleansing market we have been fortunate enough to supply our services on behalf of several managed motorway contractors working direct for the Highway Agency and uphold their standards and principles with regard to the maintenance of the UK highway drainage infrastructure.

Catch Pit Cleaning

In addition to maintaining highway gullies it is essential that catch pits and soak-a-ways are routinely cleaned to minimise risk of surface water flooding. A build up of debris, silt and contaminates may lead to obstructions and other related defective drainage issues. Clearway can offer a service which will identify any problems and resolve them in one operation. Utilising our vast fleet and the expertise knowledge of our operatives we are able to remove all debris and jet clear any obstructions allowing the system to be restored to full efficiency.

Emergency Blockage Clearance - Clearway Drainage Systems

Graffiti Removal

Clearway can provide a highly efficient graffiti removal service. Chemicals are utilised which will not cause any damage to the building material. Sand blasting equipment is also available to remove more stubborn residue. Our highly trained and experienced operatives will offer advice and guidance on the optimum method to use.

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Guano Cleaning

Although bird guano is not considered a health risk, in anything other than extreme cases, it can severely compromise the aesthetics of a structure and large quantities of well-dried guano can cause smells and attract insects. In some cases the volume of excrement produced as a result of years of roosting and breeding activity has been so great as to actually bring the internal floors down within buildings! Clearway is a specialist cleaning company who are able to clear guano in large-scale roosts that have been used for many years. A comprehensive site specific health and safety risk assessment will be carried out, and the appropriate health, safety and access equipment organised. Working in conjunction with Local Authorities we have successfully completed the cleaning and removal of guano from many public monuments and structures.

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Emergency Spillages

Even when drainage installations are clean and well maintained problems still occur. Unfortunately spillages of materials that are potentially toxic or dangerous have to be dealt with as an emergency. Oil and diesel spillages cause irreparable damage to the environment by presenting serious hazards to drainage systems and watercourses. In addition they cause road surfaces to become slippery potentially triggering traffic accidents. The worse case scenario being that emergency road closures would have to be instigated to the national highway infrastructure and disrupting traffic. Clearway operate an emergency response team to alleviate potential hazards and inconvenience brought about by such issues. We are able to respond 24 / 7 /365 and our Clients are assured of our swift and professional action regardless of the time of day or location. Utilising the latest equipment we are able to provide an immediate plan of action limiting environmental damage and the exacerbation of an already troublesome situation.

Emergency Blockage Clearance - Clearway Drainage Systems